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A visit to the site will reveal all the technical details related to the application of bulk ethernet cables.  They are mainly used for the transfer of data, voice and video (generally called as data cables). The data cables used in high speed networks need to have the highest levels of efficiency when it comes to data and voice transfer. Most of the networks using sever based systems are spread across 100s of meters within the premises of corporate offices. You can find multiple layers of switches, and routers connecting each floor in the high rise buildings. This is one scenario. The other one is the vastly spread networks in the industrial units. Here the length and width of the network is more prominent than the number of floors. In both the cases the quality and data transfer speed of the cables need to be of the highest standards.

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The bulk ethernet cables at can be obtained in multiple categories including cat5 and cat6 with their subtypes. Their speed varies from 10MBPS to 1000MBPS. They can support network cards of multiple specifications with equal efficiency. Backward compatibility for the older types of cards is one of the benefits you get from the cables at Tetkel.

  • Protection Standards: – The network cables available at are rated to be high quality by the UL standards for USA and Canada. They are certified for fire resistance, rustproof quality, lower interference, and break free characteristics. The materials used for the purpose of insulation are FEP and CMP. Both these materials are known to withstand extreme conditions. Hence you will be able to find the applications of the bulk ethernet cables in large networks.
  • Data Transmission: – The accuracy and clarity of data transfer across large networks can be supported with the help of switches and routers. The compatibility between these connectors and the cables is a critical point which determines the overall efficiency of the network. Moreover the ease of crimping at both ends of the cables is an important point to be considered. This is made simple by following the coloring code for the ethernet cables allocated by UL and the other international organizations. By following them the manufacturers at have ensured the best data transmission quality and speed.
  • Reduced Interference: – The insulation provided over the twisted pair data cables provides the protection from data interference. The different forms of interference can come from electrical networks, heat, radiation and other elements that are common in the industrial environment. There are two ways in which this interference can be reduced. The first is to use a shielded cable and the other one is to use the top quality unshielded cables. The quality standards of both the forms at are rated to be the best by the UL standards.

  • Longest Durability: – Durability over many decades is one of the strongest plus points of the bulk ethernet cables available at You can read through the website to find all the details related to the technical and functional specifications of each cable type.