5 Places in the World with the Best Side Attractions

When talking about tourism in the world at large, there are some exceptional places you could visit and you are sure to a memorable, fascinating and wonderful time there. Do you know that tourism activities have a positive impact on human health? diabetes patients, Obesity, and some other health complications could be solved while on tour. Here are some lists of places you could visit or tour with a brief description about them.


Description: The Great Wall that is located in China and it is a man-made structure. This wall has many twists and turns, it has stairs that are uneven (purposely). The non-uniformity of the stairs is probably to reduce the pace of people. The length of this wall is over 13,000 miles from east to west, and it was fully completed during the era of the Ming dynasty.

Visitation: The Great Wall of China attracts a whole lot visitor (most especially tourist) into the country on a yearly basis. The uninteresting thing about The Great Wall of China is that a reasonable portion of the wall has disappeared due to erosion, drought and some human activities (such as flooding). You might expect that this would discourage most visitors; but sincerely, this is not the case here because at every nook and cranny you would always find a lot of people.

  1.            BLUE LAGOON

Description: The Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon (located in Iceland) that was founded when a pool of geothermal power plant runoff formed and locals began to notice the healing effects after bathing in it. Its water has a milky blue color, and the most interesting fact about this lagoon is its healing effect and this is as a result of the mixture of sulfur and silica.

Visitation: This mixture of sulfur and silica is said to have very strong effects on various illnesses. This has made this lagoon to be a place that attracts people most especially tourists and travelers. It is an interesting place to be and most visitors to Iceland want to be there.


Description: Banff National Park is located in Canada. It is the oldest and the biggest national park in Canada.

Visitation: The Banff National Park has a lot of side attractions which include: its glacier run-off and cave system to its interesting wildlife. The park is open throughout the year, so tourists do not need a special time before visiting it. Other things in the park that are fascinating are the restaurants, The International retail spots, and other side attractions.


Description: La Sagrada Familia is situated in Barcelona.La Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church that was designed by a Catalan Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. It has been in existence for the past one hundred years (100 years) and even with this age, the large mass of its tall towers are still yet to be completed. The building gets to have a look as a result of its yearly renovations.

Visitation: La Sagrada Familia attracts a lot of people because the exterior part of the building is worth having a close look at. Millions of people visit this beautiful place and even the little amount being paid before entry is worth it.

  1. KENYA            

Due to the dreadful and unforgettable attacks in recent years in Garissa and Mombasa in Kenya, a need for a heavy toll which is now on Kenya’s tourism industry is very essential. Also, media from outside the country has not been of great help to the country. A lot of restrictions (such as travel bans) have been lifted and it’s only around the border of Somali you get to find warnings, as a result of this you can have fun filled and safe trip throughout the most beautiful places in the country. Various places in the country such as the interesting Northern Chalabi tribes the Indian Ocean and also beautiful views of the Lake Tanaka. You get to see animals like leopard, lion, elephants and the likes even as you visit Kenya. Your visit to Kenya is of great benefit to the tourism industry as it helps greatly to revive tourism.